10 Easy Steps to Becoming a Professional Gaucho

Yesterday we went to the Estancia to learn to be real gauchos – you can be one too if you follow these steps:

1)  Go to a fancy pants hotel and get on an Estancia shuttle (this is key – if you do not find transportation to the ranch, your chances of becoming an Argentine cowboy are slim to none).  The shuttle will probably be similar to a coach bus, but with seats that are very reclined.  They will play the song “Relax” on the radio, you will think of Zoolander, and then sleep the whole way to the estancia.

2)  Before riding the horses, you will probably want to move your things in to your new home: a castle.

You may need to be prepared to entertain guests in your formal dining room

and sit on fancy chairs,

3)  Once you are settled in, it is time to go find some horses!  (Horses are a key element to successful gaucho-ing)

Warning: This task may not be as easy as it sounds.  You may need to wander the ranch for days (or just for a while) to find these elusive horses.  Persevere, and your gaucho dreams can come true!)

4)  While aimlessly wandering the the ranch grounds, do not be too distracted by the other exciting things you find.  Remember: your dream is not to be a tiny bicyclist or a pilot.

5)  At this point, you will want to eat a delicious asado lunch – you will need your strength for the horse riding competitions later in the day.

6)  All of the searching has paid off!  HORSES!  Tied to a tree, just like the man in the castle said.  Too bad he wasn’t more specific about WHICH tree!

7)  While riding the horse, remember the following:

a.  remember all your horse knowledge from Camp Shamineau

b.  remember that even if your horse wants to trot up to the front of the line, while you do like going faster than a walk, you do not know Spanish, and should not lead the trail ride, because you have no way of asking the guides which direction to turn.

8) Make sure to also watch some of the traditional gaucho games – they will probably invite you to join in once they have seen your horseback riding skills.

9)  You should also familiarize yourself with the folk dances of Argentina.  Gauchos love to impress the ladies with their dancing.  However, if one should invite you to dance, you can feel free to vote for your friend’s sister to go up instead, so that you don’t have to show how uncoordinated you really are to all of Argentina.

10)  That is it!  Once completing all of these steps, feel free to refer to yourself as a real gaucho!  Because you basically are!

Our trip to the estancia was SO fun – we loved the chance to get away from the busy city and enjoy the peaceful countryside.  A map of the estancia would have been helpful – maybe we would have made our dreams to ride horses in Argentina come true a little earlier in the day.  To hear more specifics about our day at the ranch and also what we did today, head on over to Amber’s blog (the link called Amber! to the right)

Now it is time for famous pizza!