Testing… Testing…

This is mostly a test to make sure that posting from my iPod actually works. In a few hours I will be leaving to escape this summer heat by traveling to winter.

In the meantime, here are some enjoyable moments from up at the lake with the fam.

1) David and Rachel arrived late Saturday night with a surprise rachel with them. Fun!
2) rachel brought us candy necklaces. My fav!
3) mom and I “made” the futon for rachel and David. This involved laying the blankets and pillows out the wrong way so the length of the bed would only fit a pair of midgets.
4) crappie fishing with 6 of us in the boat. A bit of a clown car…
5) all sorts of relaxation, reading, boating, and summer fun

6)  We dropped off our dog with Grandma, who in exchange gave us a fresh homemade peach pie.  Delicious?  yes.  a fair trade?  hmm…


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