Flying Solo

Today I drove up north for family vacay.  Due to an unusual set of summer circumstances, I caravaned with my parents, but did not carpool with any siblings.  This equaled out to be three hours of personal driving time. 

Other than listening to awesome music, I amused myself by spotting ridiculous things alongside the road.  Unfortunately, due to all the driving, I have no photographic evidence, so use your imagination please. 

Some of my favorite sights include:  a giant chef statue along the side of the road; a tiny elderly man with tall socks and a fisherman’s hat driving a convertible; an old fashioned car that may have escaped from Valleyfair filling up with gas at the modern gas station pumps; a car that was towing a small castle behind it; and hmm… surely there were more things, but I am drawing a late-night-blank.  I distinctly remember thinking numerous times throughout the trip: “bahahaha – that is ridiculous.  I wish I had someone to laugh at that with me” – but alas, I did not, and now I can’t even remember them all to share them with you.  *sigh*