Friend Fail. Summafun Fail. Ice cream win!

Oh my.

This was our third attempt to see Inception.

Attempt #1 – rain.  thunder.  tornado warning.  mr buffinton.  (scroll down if you need the fully story.

Attempt #2 – torchlight parade.  not too magical.  should have stuck with the movie

Attempt #3 – sold out.  BUT not only was it sold out, but I also invited a new friend from small group to join us!  Then I forgot my phone at home.  THEN she called Amber – turns out, she was already there, so she had just gone into the theater, so not only did we miss out, but we basically forced the new girl to go see a movie all by herself!  SO sad!!!!!

To make ourselves feel better, we went to Coldstone for our favorite ice cream treat: cheesecake ice cream with peanut butter cup mixed in.  but ALAS, the cheesecake ice cream was empty!  Panic may have set in.  But, if you refer back to the title, you will know that all turned out well in the world of ice cream, as they had more in back.


And, sorry new friend!  We will do better at being friends next time!!!!

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