Whistler: a magical little village

I am fairly certain that Whistler is a charming village that was built by elves in Switzerland and sprinkled with pixie dust.

It is seriously so adorable – chalet-style architecture everywhere, nestled in the mountains, brick pedestrian only streets, and people with fun accents and tiny dogs everywhere.

I mean – how does it get better than dinner at The Little Eatery on Celebration Plaza:

With THIS view:

So many people tend to wander the streets dressed up in ridiculous costumes

(or wearing their hotel bathrobe)

that now I am starting to think that I am seeing costumed street performers everywhere.  But I am not.

We got up in the morning on our second day and went on the zipline!  It is probably one of my favorite life experiences – just below climbing a volcano and snorkeling.  I am really glad that Rachel had a great time as well!  She was real nervous.  But she did GREAT!  I was going to put up a video, but my blog and I are in a fight, so maybe we will go with a photo instead.

We also went up the ski lift to take the gondola from Blackcomb Mountain to Whistler mountain!  It was awesome.  People were very friendly in the chairs going the opposite direction.  One guy even proposed – to which I quickly said “yes” before my sister could snatch up this winner for herself.  The view at the top of the mountain was breathtaking.  The ride between the mountains was amazing, and the view on the next mountain was also surreal.  It was also a little bit cold.  We may or may not have been dressed for the weather at the top of the mountain.  It is hard to say.

On our way down in the little gondola, we were with a nice couple from Tennessee, and chatting about how we were both disappointed to have not seen any bears yet.  I was little mid-saying how I am so bad at spotting things that I could be staring right at a bear and not even notice, when we realized that we were actually looking right AT a bear down below us!  SUPER fun.

We also had the best ice cream in the world after dinner tonight.  (or at least that is what the sign told us).  Just a few more Whistler adventures in the morning tomorrow and then it is back to Vancouver to wrap up our vacation.

i lost my TRAIN of thought…

get it?? train?  bahahahahaha

So I forgot to include the important detail that there was an Australian tour group on our train ride and one of the lady was demonstrating for the tourguide how to call COOEE when you are lost in the Outback and then someone will come help you.  She mentioned that she sometimes calls it in other places and then knows if there are any other Australians in the area.

I have been taking advantage of this “Australian call” and using it to find and befriend Aussies in Whistler.  Which is going pretty well for me, since about 50% of the locals are from Australia.


We took a train from Vancouver to Whistler.  I was very excited for this new mode of transportation on our trip, and rightfully so!  We got picked up from the lobby of our hotel (where favorite Shuttle Man was sure to say goodbye to “Minnesota” -as he called us- he will miss us).

We boarded the train, found our plush seats with ample leg room, and settled in the the ride.  We got breakfast and as many beverages as we wanted!!  I used considerable restraint though and limited myself to one cup of coffee and one diet coke.

The views were incredible the whole way.  From the Howe Sound, to waterfalls, rapids, flowers, and of course, the mountains.

One of my favorite places on the train was the Historic Open Air Car.  I love history, and I love air, so: win-win!

It was really great to be able to take pictures of the beauty surrounding us without the irritating glare of the windows.  With no effort on our part, we quickly made friends with the Train Man, Richard.  He wore an orange reflective vest, and stopped by our seats multiple times to tell me some photography tips – like going to the back of the train to get a great shot of us coming out of the tunnel, or that we should go claim a spot on the left side of the open air car because there was a gorgeous view coming up.  After like the seventh time (that might be an exaggeration) Train Man stopped by, an older lady across the aisle from us leaned over and whispered to my sister something about how it is nice to be a pretty young lady and we should take advantage of that for as long as possible.  hahaha.  awesome.

We were greeted in Whistler by looking up into the mountains and seeing the green Olympic rings!  It was pretty cool to see, because I guy I know from church growing up worked here in the winter and I saw pictures on his facebook of him helping put up some green Olympic rings.

Anyways, here are a few gorgeous train shots for you to enjoy.  I won’t share too many so that I’ll have something left to post on facebook when I get back to the states!

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