O Canada!

Canada Day was a HUGE success.

Our top ten Canada Day goals included:

  1. Patriotic Facepaint
  2. Seeing the Olympic Torch/Cauldron
  3. Pictures with a Canadian mascot
  4. SYTYCD Canada performance
  5. Singing O Canada
  6. Seeing a parade
  7. Not sticking out as visitors
  8. Waving a Canadian flag
  9. Surviving Fireworks (Rachel)
  10. Becoming Candian citizens

Let’s see how we did:

1.  Patriotic Facepaint: they were temporary tattoos, but I definitely think that counts.

2.  Seeing the Olympic Torch/Cauldron: definitely a HUGE highlight!!!  It was even lit again in honor of Canada Day!!

3.  Pictures with a Canadian mascot: Ok, so this isn’t a stuffed mascot, but what says “Canada” more than a royal Mounty??

Also, sidenote: there were three members of the mounted police one could take a photo with.  I chose this specific man because he seemed the most important.  And check out my parade pics!  He TOTALLY is the most important!

4.  SYTYCD Canada Performance! This was another HUGE highlight for me.  I’d looked up some of their dances on youtube so that I could be a true fan.  And they performed my favorite one!!  YAY!  Also awesome was the inlet/mountain backdrop of the stage.  LOVE it.

5.  Singing O Canada – well, we may have only caught the tail end of the celebration-wide singing, but during fireworks later that night we DEFINITELY were surrounded by spontaneous patriotic songs… so I’d give us a half of a check here.  Actually, Rachel has caught me humming it several times in the past day, so maybe I will give myself a full check.

6.  Seeing a parade: sure did!!  and you can feel like you are seeing it too!!  (Please note: I took special care to photograph as many random mascots and interesting costumes as I could – just for you!  enjoy!)

7:  Not sticking out as visitors: Apparently we look to be very friendly and approachable, as numerous people approached us throughout the day needing various things – directions to sky train stations, asking where to get foam maple leaf hats, asking if we will take their picture etc.  Success.

8:  Waving a Canadian Flag: Oh yes, all day long!

9.  Surviving Fireworks:  I thought Rachel did a great job. She still doesn’t like going to fireworks, but she stayed strong throughout the show.

10:  Becoming Canadian Citizens – we did miss the ceremony for this, so we were not able to make all of our Canadian dreams come true.  Maybe next year!