Reasons I Love My Job

Ok – the main reason I love my job is that kids are HILARIOUS.  The rest of this post will exemplify this statement.

1)  After seeing Louie, the bunny that lives down the hall : “That bunny is cuter than my baby sister!”

2)  “Have you ever been a weather girl?  You have nice clothes and nice hair.  You could be a weather girl on tv”

3)  “I like your sunglasses!  They are jazzy” – another student gives her a strange look – “What?!  That is what you are supposed to say! Jazzy!”

4)  Getting kicked in the head.  oh wait – that is not a reason I love my job.  That is just a part of my job.

5)  Letting the kids sit on the table while popcorn reading: “WOW!  YOU ARE THE BEST TEACHER IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!”

6)  (mostly due to a time crunch) students are have snack during their worktime.  One student says “I feel like we are in college.”  When pressed to explain why she feels that way, she says “Well, we are drinking milk while we are working.  I just think that is what people in college probably do!”

7)  Next time we go on a field trip, can we go to the Hannah Montana concert?”

8)  After I drew a racecar on the board, a student giggles and says, “That looks like a duck eating a bike!”

9)  My student teacher starts next week.  I will be living the good life…


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