Grocery Store Greatness

So… the grocery store closest to my house is Rainbow. It is so nice and convenient, but also seems to believe in have no more than 2-3 checkout lanes open, regardless of the time of day. This is a tad frustrating when lines are always annoyingly long. Especially today, when I was only buying 4 items to make homemade soft pretzels (side note: if “make” is in the sentence, why do I feel the need to also say “homemade” – can you make something NOT homemade??) Anyways… I get in the express lane and the elderly gentleman in front of me with the max number of items in the lane tells me I should go ahead of him. WOW! So great! But it gets even BETTER! The gentleman in front of HIM looks back, sees my basket, and gestures that I should go ahead of HIM in the line – even making room for my things ahead of his on the belt. WOW! Such generosity and thoughtfulness warms my heart. Thanks men of Rainbow Foods! You are great.

Now off to try and make these pretzels… this might not have been my most brilliant recipe choice… we will see how this goes!


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