Showering. I mean… throwing bridal showers.

My little brother is getting married.  I LOVE his fiancee and was excited to throw her a shower on behalf of our family.  Well – my sister and I threw it together.  I would say it was a success.  Planning was a breeze – we played to our strengths.  I did most of the planning, baking, creating etc and my sister mostly funded the event.  I did have my sister come over to help me make the most adorable cupcake bites.  They are not hard, but they are a bit involved you could say… but TOTALLY worth all the effort!  You will agree when you see how adorable they are.  And delicious too – that is an important fact.

In the preparation for the shower I got a giant papercut on my hand – it is over an inch long.  People have been feeling bad for me when they see my wounded hand.  I don’t blame them – it is a pretty intense wound.

You probably don’t want to be reading about my now scabby hand, so I will just share some pictures of the event with you!  Get excited!!!

I had done a practice round making these adorable little guys about a month or two ago – a) to see if I could actually make them and b) to see if they were worth the effort.  The answer was a resounding “yes” from all who I had sample them.  I did however discover a few tricks to make it go smoother the second time around.

Take note:

1) I recruited a baking assistant.  She was scared to dip the tops, but did a GREAT job melting chocolate and sticking the sprinkle in on top.

2) Multiple candy molds… this enables you to take less than 10 hours to finish the project.

3) Putting the partially finished cupcake bites in the freezer before attempting to take them out of their molds.  This allows for you to simply pop them out instead of prying them up with your finger nail.  (ew)

These next cookies I definitely made a bath on Thursday – decided they were too fluffy and crispy – not chewy and delicious like I had planned.  So I tried again on Thursday… and they were amazing.  The recipe is from


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