When life gives you lemons…

This past week was not my favorite.  I probably cried more than I have in months.  Too much stress and feeling a bit overwhelmed by life, and a smidge of sadness.  But I am making it through.

Here are some moments that helped me survive.

  • Donkey Basketball: my most favorite fundraiser ever!

Donkey Basketball

Yep - real donkeys!

Yes, I don’t think it gets much better than that.

  • Other things that have been bringing me joy are my new camera!  We took the kids to the Children’s Museum and I wish so badly I could post on here the photos I took of my kids.  I had so much fun trying out my new camera and got some AMAZING pictures of my students.
  • Quotes like: “You smell good!” (always love that one) and “Zacchaeus was a midget” (definitely did not know how to respond to that!)
  • The Glee Soundtrack 
  • Dreaming of Florida Vacation
  • Dodgy Dinners at church with my friends before Bible study.
  • Really great commercials (get a tissue before you watch it – this is the most beautiful commercial I have ever seen)

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