For Better or For Worse

I guess I am not married to my job, but on a scale of better to worse I would rate the week I have had somewhere near “really truly awful”. Let’s review some highlights, (lowlights?) shall we?

– My EA quit (for REALLY good cause -she has an amazing job opportunity from the Lord that in my heart I am really excited for her. However, right now I just feel sad and stressed and overwhelmed for myself at the thought of finding, interviewing, hiring, and training in someone new.
– After telling the music teacher that she and her class suck, a particular student ran away from me – I spent 20 minutes getting him (chasing him) to in school suspension and then working with another teacher to corner him and carrying him BACK to in school suspension after he ran away from there. awesome.
– huge boxes filled with all sorts of non-important things fell from about 10 foot tall cupboards, nearly crushing my EA. Fortunately she was not hit. but it was very close.
– Parent/teacher conferences. It is great to talk with parents about their child’s progress. It is a lot of stressful work to prepare for them.

I will stop now – I don’t want to bring your spirits down too much.
Didn’t I promise this blog would be about happy things in life?

Fortunately for you, I do have a couple cute anecdotes to share as well.
1) A student walks in holding something in his little fist. He tells me “I brought you some batteries for your computer!” And he dropped 3 AAA batteries into my hand.
2) Mid conference a student gets up. I say “don’t go yet! This is the part we need you for!” she replies “I was just going to give you a hug!” and she comes over, hugs me, and exclaims adoringly “You’re the best teacher in the whole wide world!!”
3) The parent that asks me if I sing a lot. Apparently when her child heard Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA” on the radio he said “ooh, turn it up! my teacher LOVES this song.” wow – thanks buddy.


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