scrambled, poached, or sunny side up?

I don’t even know what all those things mean… I just know they revolve around my question for today: How do you like your eggs?

Last night I was hanging out at my friend’s house in honor of our friend being in town. Things may or may not have turned a bit ridiculous (strange that should happen with my group of friends)

Two friends, who we will call Tim and James, decided that the best idea for our evening would be to try out the laundry shoot.

The Plan:
– Tim will stand in the bathroom with a container of no-longer-fresh-eggs.
– James will lay on the floor in the basement, with a cup in his mouth, right below the laundry shoot opening.
– Tim will crack the eggs, and individually drop them down the shoot
– James will hope and pray they neatly land in the cup

The Results:
– Hilarity
– A slight mess
– Really impressive aim on Tim’s part.
– Did I mention hilarity?


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