Lessons Learned

Today was a day of life lessons.
1) I learned that if your car lights are really dim – to the point you aren’t convinced they are on even though you have checked multiple times to make sure they are on, perhaps you don’t need to have your vision checked – instead, try stopping at the gas station and have your awesome brother clean off your headlights – maybe there is just slushy-dirt caked on an inch thick.
2) If you are at Target getting a 12 pack of pop and you kind of drop it, but not quite and you are awkwardly trying to pick it up again, be prepared for an employee to rush up to you and tell you to leave it because in fact the bottom broke when you dropped it and now cans are rolled out all over the display as you try to pick it up. If you are really lucky he may even lean over and whisper that the guy you are with should just carry it for you. I thought about whispering back that little brothers are not always good for carrying things for you, but I refrained.


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